Our Mission

Our main goal is to bring eSports back home to its routes and open it up to everyone, not just the teams that have a spare couple of million to pay for tournament entry.

We’re also looking forward to forming some official teams and entering some of the mainstream tournaments.

What to expect

We’re a little different from the usual eSport league, our main goal is to help players and teams boost their online presence in the eSports arena helping them gain sponsorship where we can.

Things we’ll be offering

Along with the free to play events, we’ll be hosting a range of paid entry events with higher value prize funds up for grabs £50, £100, £500 and some 1-2k plus prize events.

We’ll also be providing Logo creation services and video content where we can. Keep an eye out on our Instagram account as we’ll be offering some of these for free from time to time.

Long term plans

Our long term plans are to open eSports centres around the globe, hosting multiple tournaments and single-day events monthly.

Teams that join us for the journey will benefit from plenty of free publicity and will always be welcome to take part in any events we host in the future.

Spectating in our local eSports centres will be free, players turning up on the day will also be able to get involved and see if they have what it takes to compete.