BattleField 2042


Well BF2042 had a some what bumpy launch... this is why we've held off with the events, but its almost time. We're thinking smaller sole and squad style events to start things off, but we're more than open to suggestions.

More details regarding events and tournaments coming soon...

  • 01 January 2022

    General League Info

    We'll be running a 32 player Free-For-All League starting this April, more details to come.

    This league will be fully cross platform and generation, allowing players from all platforms take part.

  • 04 June 2022

    Registration window

    The official registration window is now open, register now if you're planning on taking part, before all the spaces are taken.

    Note: The registration form will not be visible, if you're not logged in.

  • 07 August 2022

    League Begins

    The league will start on the 7th August 2022, and run to September 2022 with games held every Sunday at 13:00, the league winners will be announced early September, along with  highlights from the games.

    Each match day will consist of 5 Free-For-All games on a private server.

    Any Tie breakers will be a 1vs1 or mini Free-For-All match depending on the number of players in the tie for the winners spot.

League Registration

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