Black Ops: Coldwar

Call of duty Black Ops: Cold War will soon be out and player will be racking up their kill count and honing their skills in the public match making, but for a few of you out there the challenge in pub matches isn't enough, that's where we come in. If you want to play with some of the best and fiercest players out, there's only place to play, and that's in private eSports events.

We're super excited to be planning our first BO:CW eSports event, so be sure keep an eye out for updates landing on our esports news pages, because the spaces will seen be taken up once the registration window opens on the 1st November and you don't want to miss out.

Sole Event

  • 50+ Players
  • No KDR brackets initially
  • Private league
  • Free to play
  • Prize: SLE Hoodie

Duo Event

  • 25+ Duos
  • No KDR brackets initially
  • Private weekly event
  • Free to play
  • Prize: Feature in our weekly winners post
  • We'll drop prizes in from time to time, from our sponsors

Trio Event

  • 20+ Teams of 3
  • Squads of 2 can also join, spaces limited to 10
  • No KDR brackets initially
  • Private league
  • Free to play
  • Prize: Feature in the weekly winners posts and highlight footage along with various promo
  • Winning teams will gain access to Private leagues for event winners, with potential for sponsorship deals further down the line

Load-Out Guides

More details coming soon

Pro Load-Outs

Here you'll be able to get the inside scoop on the loadout the pro's run and why they choose to run those load outs.


Dont forget to join our Discord eSports community setup for all players.