Covid-19 and eSports


Covid-19 isn't set to go any where soon so we're looking to provide an eSports platform where players and spectators can get involved like no other eSports platform.

Spectators will be able to get involved in some of the action in a range of way, via our live stream and interactive services we'll be hosting, some lucky viewers will even get chances to win some free prizes. All you have to do is be there watching the games and take part is some of our mini games.


Back to the main subject, we're soon to be launching our main league, where 6 teams of 5 will be going head to head in a quarterly league, you'll be able to follow your favorite teams and players, supporting them while they play live. These games will be hosted and stream on YouTube.


The world and the way we go about day to day activities is changing, lets embrace this change and set out a bright future for the eSports arena, an orange future.

Welcome to Sunday League eSports, the new eSports news for you, we'll be breaking int into the world of Major Leagues eSports, over the coming months, looking to secure some big sponsorship deals for both the teams and the league as a whole, we have some pretty exciting times ahead of us.


Register to take part below, if you think you have a team worthy of taking on some of the best armature and semi professional eSports teams around.


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