Rainbow 6

Welcome to our 'Rainbow 6 Siege' leagues page

Here you can expect to find all the details you need about our upcoming plans and event details. regarding Rainbow 6 Siege

What to expect

We'll be running a range of events from knockouts to leagues, across all levels, so its key you have access to all the maps before signing up to the events.

From time to time events maybe be locked down to the maps from set seasons, and rules may apply to weapon sets and load outs, but for the majority there will be no rule sets. Other than turn up on then day and play your matches, the submit your scores.

More to come soon...


If you're interested in joining our future Rainbow 6 League, register your interest here:

Rainbow 6 League Registration

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Premium Events

We'll be featuring free and premium events, premium events will have a high steak with a higher value cash prize up for grabs.

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To purchase the event entries you must first add funds to your account on the site, here's where you can top up your Account, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Its to allow more of the money collected in registration fees to be applied to the prize funds.