The Terms & Conditions

We’ll keep the terms and clear as possible, we don’t want to bore players with all the technical jargon but we do need to cover ourselves and players from misconduct, as not all players play fair.


We may review and update the terms from time to time

What Sunday League eSports ltd actually provide

The means for players and teams to take part in free and paid entry premium events, we do not provide or ensure the internet connection or any gaming equipment for players or teams to take part in these events.

It is solely the responsibility of the participant to ensure they have the means to take part in the event, on the day of the event. i.e. an internet connection, the console or a PC capable of playing the game, the game obviously, that it’s fully up to date and ready to play on the day.

Player and team stats

We do not guarantee to provide any long term stats for events, players or teams. We will aim to provide stats consistently but short or long term storage can not be guaranteed, unfortunately.


Payouts will be made following the event

Rule breakers

We do not tolerate cheating, hacking or glitching in any way shape or form, if you are caught doing so during any of the events this will forfeit your entry and any registration fees.

Settling disagreements

If two players or teams can’t agree on an outcome of an event due to whatever reason, Sunday League eSports may step in to make the decision for the teams or host a settlement match.

Settlements can be arranged via our settlement’s contact form.

Connection issues

Prior to playing any matches, we would advise players/teams have a friendly game to ensure both teams/players are happy with connection quality before starting their actual match.

We would also advise recording the games and taking screenshots of the final results. This would aid in settling any disputes.

Repeat connection issues

If a player or team is seen to be abusing the system by falsely claiming a connection issue, in order to have the match restarted.

One or more of the following actions will be taken:

  1. Points deduction if during a league based tournament
  2. Disqualification from the current event with no refund
  3. A 1-month ban on registration into any new events
Failing to turn up

If a team/player fails to turn up it’s up to the other team to either accept the match points or reschedule the match.

The new match date must be within 48 hours of the original match


Refunds will not be issued if the player or team simply didn’t bother turning up.

Refunds will not be issued if a player/team quits or leaves a game early.

Refunds may be issued if for the following examples :

  1. If the minimum number of participants is not met.
  2. Hosted events being canceled due to unforeseen issues preventing Sunday League eSports from hosting the event. if the events can’t be rescheduled for a later date.
  3. If for some reason a game is updated in a way that prevents the planned event from taking place.
  4. If a player or team has a genuine reason for a last-minute cancellation or no show on the day of, Sunday League eSports ltd may refund the entry costs, we will aim for the event to continue as planned for the players or teams that do turn up.
Declaring taxable winnings

If the country/state your reside in requires you to declare winnings as a taxable income, this is down to the player/team receiving the winnings to declare. Sunday League eSports ltd do not take any responsibility for ensuring players or teams receiving winnings are declaring it as taxable income if they’re legally required to


Players and teams taking part in free and paid events need to ensure they have permission from whoever pays the bill(s) for anything required to take part in the event prior to signing up.

Players over the age of 18+ will be required to provide their own consent when registering for paid events, anyone taking part under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to provide consent and permission for the player to take part. This consent will be provided in every event registration process, wither it be one of our free to play or paid event, consent must always be provided.