Sunday League eSports


We're no longer looking to run paid events, going forward all events will be free to play, as the player and team bases grow, divisions will be formed and qualifying rounds will be played.

More details to come 

We're hoping to form an esport community like no other making full use of Discord  if you haven't already joined the Discord community please do so, you never know, you could be the next big player or team to kick up a storm in the events and upset the balance.

Keep an eye out for the "Founders", these are players and league managers that have either expressed great interest in Sunday League eSports early on in its infancy or have contributed in forming the league into what it is today. Long term we're looking to bring founders on-board and officially be part of  'Sunday League eSports' helping take the leagues to great places, all while becoming part of the great eSports arena and community.

We take great pride in being a league that's created and run by players for the players, be part of something great... reach out on Discord.

More details will be coming soon, but to start things off we'll be running Warzone events, both league and individual matches. Winners will be announced on IG and Twitter along with highlights from the events being uploaded to our YouTube channel, don't forget to subscribe so so you don't miss out on the live YouTube events.

We'll be handling all the event and player stats in the back ground, so don't worry about that.

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  • 1 vs 1 - Knockout Events
  • 2 vs 2 - Knockout Events
  • Free-For-All - League
  • Player run events, organised on discord between league players and teams.
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Rainbow 6 Siege

    • 5 vs 5
    • 3 vs 3
  •  PC, Playstation and Xbox
League Page


    • Event details coming soon
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Retro Leagues_L

Our Retro Leagues

More details coming soon, but expect plenty of old school classics and some remastered gems to be listed in the retro leagues

League Page

CoD:MW - Speedball Carnage

  • 2 vs 2 - Knockout Events
  • Free-For-All - League
  • Player run events, organised on discord between league players and teams.
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COD: WarZone

  • Solo, Duo and Trio Events
  • Leagues and Single Day Events
  • Classic WarZone, Kill Race and Plunder
  • Player run events maybe organised on discord between league players and teams.
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Rocket League

Rocket League

    • 3 vs 3 - League
    • 2 vs 2 - Ladder & Knockout's
    • 1 vs 1 - Ladder & Knockout's
League Page


    • Upcoming tournaments and leagues, more details coming soon
League Page

New Leagues

We're always open to start a new league if there's a large enough player base interested in taking part.
If you think we should be hosting events on one of your favorite titles, either reach out via our contact form, or head over to our discord server and get in touch, you never know you could become our one of our league managers


Player Run Leagues

Looking to get involved in some eSports mostly just for fun or bragging rights, there's plenty of players and teams looking to take part regular competitive matches.

Heading over to our discord server is probably the fastest way to connect with other players and teams, head over there now to jump in some matches.

The Community

Become part of the growing community by getting involved in upcoming events over on discord, it's early doors but we'll be running regular free to play events, tracking player stats and building competitive league tables and player profiles for all to see.